I serve as the team leader of the University of Michigan open connected and automated research vehicles, or OpenCAVs, which will be open testbeds for academic and industry researchers to rapidly test self-driving and connected vehicle technologies at Mcity, a world-class proving ground.

The OpenCAV Platform

The OpenCAVs, are equipped with a variety of sensors including radar, lidar, cameras, and V2X communicators, among other features. They will be able to link to a robot operating system.

Developed Apps

We have been developing OpenCAVs using an "appified" fashion, that is, each function is developed as a "node" and communicates in a network. We plan to release our work as open source soon (approximately in the middle of 2017).

Data logging

By-wire control (with Guardian layer)

Human machine interface

Remote control

Trajectory tracking

Collision avoidance

Self-driving in Mcity

We have conducted hundreds of tests in Mcity in a variety of driving contexts, including downtown/highway, daytime/night, wind, rain, and snow.